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Light & colour

This book has been published on the occasion to celebrate the 10th anniversary since the Casa Batlló was first opened to the public. Three experts on Gaudí have written the texts. The first of these, Casa Batlló, symbolism and construction, has become a classic, written by the university professor and former director of the Gaudí professorship, Joan Bassegoda i Nonell. The remaining two texts, unpublished until now, contribute new interpretations of the Casa Batlló within the context of Gaudí’s creativity. These two texts are, on the one hand, La Casa Batlló and Gaudí’s residential architecture, by Jaume Sanmartí, a university professor and the current director of the Gaudí Professorship; and Casa Batlló, light and colour, by Daniel Giralt-Miracle, an art historian who also directed and conceptualized the edition of this book. The book is illustrated with historic photographs, a collection of plans and drawings of the Casa Batlló made by Gaudí and his helpers, and an extensive selection of photographs by Pere Vivas, Ricard Pla and Biel Puig, bringing totally new views of the spaces within this building, including some photographs taken of a video mapping performance that was screened on the building’s façade as part of the celebrations of the 10th anniversary.

  • Photographs:
    Pere Vivas, Ricard Pla, Biel Puig
  • Text:
    Joan Bassegoda Nonell, Jaume Sanmartí Verdaguer, Daniel Giralt-Miracle
  • Pages: 288
  • Format: 175 x 220 mm
  • Binding:
  • Version:  Català, Español, English

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